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Last Updated on January 19, 2021

32V8 Web Tool Tip # 1  - How to monitor 7 websites in 18 seconds

Why did I call this 7 sites in eighteen seconds? Because my original video took 18 seconds to produce my original video.

That was my first video, I then found how much easier things were to explain by adding a voice and a little camera shot of an old man doing his thing, and was able to squeeze it all into over 5 minutes. 

It doesn't matter if it's 1 website or 37+ sites. It is the same procedure.

How it works

Below is a video that runs for a little over 5 minutes. This is a great guide to how to use the Tune Up Tool especially for the visual learners. Have a read of the Step by Step walk-thru below and then watch the video.  

As the video shows:

Click on the first site tab then hold down the shift key.

Click on the last site tab then release the shift key.

Click on Reload.

The seven site tabs will indicate that they are loading. If your Internet connection is good, then the reload indicators will stop rotating in a reasonable time, and all sites will be loaded when the full Favicon appears again.

If any site tab Favicon continues to rotate, then the site hasn't been found.

Within the video is a screenshot using Microsoft Edge. Personally, I prefer Chrome because of the extensions and other bells and whistles, but Microsoft Edge (ME) renders sites well. 

ME makes it a good an alternate to using Chrome in Incognito Mode. Microsoft Edge is independent, and gives an alternative view. If it doesn't work on ME, then it simply doesn't work.

Sure, you could use something like Uptimerobot that monitors 50 sites for free, and sends you an email or SMS if something isn't right, but I like to kick my own tires for full satisfaction. 

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