Well Stanley, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into.

Why 32V8.com?

First a little of my back story

As a 13 year old teenager back in 1958, I was absolutely car crazy.

I had to strip them down, and rebuild them. We had a surplus of real steel body Fords in those days - T Models, A Models, and B Models. In fact, Fiberglass was just appearing on a few exotic sports cars.

Of course we had a local group of enthusiasts, (that is code for the local bunch of kids) and we all worked on each others projects.

Two of my projects that I remember well are:

My T Model

My T Model was built up from a T Model Body, an A Model Chassis, and a flat head V8 which was found at a junk yard.

My B Model

The B Model was mostly stock, with a flat head V8 migrated from a 1938 Sedan. Both of these projects had cable brakes, so we refitted them with hydraulic units.

What you would call these days, a real game changer.

Most of these odd parts from different models simply bolted together, or with a little rebuilding, drilling, and welding, we made them fit.

The "32 B Model Ford" featured heaps of firsts and also lasts, which endears it to a lot of hot rod enthusiasts. A very easy platform to install a Flathead V8 in to. This is a very much sought after car indeed. Any 32 to 34 Model falls into this category.

These are known as 32V8's.

And to the Present

Around 2016, I was using a search engine to find a minimal digit Top Level Domain (TLD) name for a new business venture I was thinking about. Out popped 32V8.com.

When I saw the domain name 32V8 jump out at me. I simply grabbed at it with both arms, as it meant so much to me as teenager some 64 years ago.


I was thinking I could use the domain for a start up business, but I never got around to doing anything about it, so it sat there doing nothing.

Then BIG BAD JEFF of Amazon pulled his latest stunt, so I pulled 32V8.com out of the mothballs.


This site has now been set up to test my new "32V8" website development tool that I've created after after about 5 years of doing it all the hard way.

Possibly the most famous V8 B Model Ford of them all is the Bonnie & Clyde Car. It was actually a 1934 model. The radiator grill is very different, and the front and rear bumpers have a slight "V" shape sloping down. The brace between the headlights is missing. The 1932 had straight bumpers and that brace.

Here is Bonnie in front of a stolen 32V8.

The REAL Bonnie and Clyde Death Car is on display in Primm, Nevada at Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino owned by Primm Valley Resorts.

I am a retired 78-year-old great grandfather that wrote his first chunk of computer code way back in 1975.

Currently, I am working on Affiliate sites for my daughter.

Back in July 2018, she was almost making a living out of this game, then on August. 1, Google released an algorithmic update (aka “the Medic update”), and her income dropped dramatically.

We spent what was for us, big money on professional SEO assistance, and watched the site slowly recover.

Then along came Big Bad Jeff who slashed Amazon Affiliate Fees on the 21st of April 2020. 

Unfortunately the income level dropped again, and we are slowly building it up to the previous level.

That is when I decided to put this site together in an attempt to not only help my daughter, but to help others that are in a similar position and needing a decent development tool.

Don McKenzie